Their research found that regular touchpoints foster a sense of connection and fun for remote employees. A team-building meeting aims to create a fun and interactive atmosphere through the use of games or team challenges. This is a great opportunity for organizers or leaders to get involved and form stronger connections with their teams. The main goal of a problem-solving meeting is to find the optimal solution to an issue facing the organization. Meetings are a way to collaborate, share information, and find solutions as a team, no matter where we work from.

  1. Further, it offers a discussion board to share info, discussions and determination-making.
  2. A Company may hold its first AGM inside the interval of 9 months from closing of its first monetary yr otherwise in other instances inside the interval of 6 months.
  3. In a large company routine matters like Allotment, Transfer, Finance are handled by sub-committees of the Board of Directors.
  4. If the notice convening this meeting does not name it as the “Statutory Meeting” it will not Amount to compliance with the provisions of this section.
  5. Due to this, a regular meeting, especially with remote workers, can ensure that everyone feels like they’re part of the team.

The new work calendar isn’t about office or home, it’s about three meeting types and the conditions that serve them best. Transactional gatherings move work forward; relational gatherings strengthen connections; characteristics of company meeting and adaptive gatherings help us address complex or sensitive topics. As transactional gatherings are easier to conduct online, relational and adaptive gatherings have become relatively scarce.

So, it stands to reason that your company meetings should be conducted in a way that aligns with the values and priorities of our organization. Good workplace communication is essential for operational success, and your company meetings help set the tone on a daily basis. When the meeting of a particular class of shareholders takes place such as preference shareholder meeting, it is known as class meeting.

There’s an old expression – if you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there. In other words, it’s impossible to get a good outcome if you don’t know what the outcome you want is. To run an effective meeting, you should know what an effective meeting looks like. Section, 391 to 393 of the Companies Act not only give powers to the company to compromise with the creditors but also lay down the procedure of doing so. The Board of Directors may form certain committees and delegate some of its powers to them.

A pared-down list of participants.

(iv) A public company which was registered as a private company earlier. However, there are certain circumstances where one person can constitute a valid meeting. Two or more persons (who are the members of the Company) must be present at the meeting.

Regardless of your industry or the state of your business, these core principles hold true, he said. Meetings in your organization are supposed to be cooperative and not contentious. Collaboration brings the best in people and allows them to contribute and share. Contention brings out politics and win/lose scenarios that are not conducive to getting results. I am not saying that all competition is bad, but there is a difference between some healthy competition and chronic contention in meetings.

Team-building meetings

They are often unexpected and need to bring individuals from different departments or teams to collaborate and find solutions to specific problems. Meetings in business can be conducted in person, virtual, or a combination of both and can be formal or informal. If you are meeting with a team of creatives, it can be helpful to bring slides or mock-ups to give the group something to work with. If you do have devices in play, make sure you let everyone know which software, documents, or video tools they should have pre-loaded before the meeting so they can participate effectively. Only people who are directly connected to the expected outcome should attend the meeting.

Good time management means you feel empowered to turn down unnecessary meetings—and better meetings mean you spend the rest of your time feeling more purposeful in carrying out your work. The directors are required to prepare and send a report called the ‘Statutory Report’ to every member of the company at least 21 days before the date of the meeting. If the report is sent later it shall be deemed to have been duly forwarded if it is so agreed to by a unanimous vote of the members entitled to attend and vote at the meeting [Sec. Every Company, other than One Person Company (OPC), must hold a general meeting in each year apart from other meetings as Annual General Meeting (AGM). The AGM must be held within six months from the closing date of financial year. An Annual General Meeting (AGM) is a gathering the place company members and administrators meet to discuss the corporate’s affairs.

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Watch Dave Crenshaw’s full LinkedIn Learning course, Leading Productive Meetings. People start checking their email when other people are talking; someone brings up something personal or completely off-topic; two people start talking about something that only involves them; etc. The meeting leader isn’t the only one who needs to prepare for a meeting.

As much as many people bemoan meetings, gathering your team together to move a project forward is sometimes necessary. Fortunately, there are strategies that can make meetings a little less painful and a lot more productive. If your team is battling meeting fatigue, here are some tactics you can implement to make meetings better. Effective meetings aren’t just about keeping ourselves from going around the bend.

Invite only those who need to be present to ensure that the meeting runs smoothly. Some factors to consider to help select the right attendees include suitability, level of expertise, and authority. This meeting will need to be provided in advance with all relevant information, needing stakeholders. Then, to ensure that the decisions made during the meeting are carried out, the follow-up actions are established with a completion time. At this meeting, those attendees will share their views, jointly identify the root causes of problems, and offer potential solutions. For this meeting to be effective, they should be encouraged to discuss openly and honestly, avoid blame, and focus on finding answers.

Kinds of Company Meetings:

Shareholders with voting rights vote on present points corresponding to appointment of board of directors , govt compensation, divident cost and selection of auditors. An annual general assembly (AGM) is a yearly gathering between the shareholders of a company and its board of administrators. Generally, that is the one time that the administrators and shareholders will meet throughout the year, so it is a chance for the administrators to current the company’s annual report. A common meeting is a meeting of an organization’s shareholders (unlike a board meeting, which is a gathering of the directors).

Participants question the board, vote on organization issues, choose new directors, and interact with each other. Shareholders evaluate the organization’s health when the board presents an annual report and annual financial accounts for approval. Understanding how to run a successful annual general meeting proves crucial. That’s because AGMs are a strong convergence between management and shareholders.

However, an organization can call a meeting on shorter discover if the corporate’s structure stipulates so or if all shareholders agree. In a large company routine matters like Allotment, Transfer, Finance are dealt with by sub-committees of the Board of Directors. The conferences of such committees are held in the identical way as these of Board Meetings. In the current context it’s a assertion of the enterprise to be transacted at a meeting. It additionally units out the order in which the business is to be handled.

This is the first meeting of the shareholders of the company and it is held once in the whole life of the company. During this time, make sure the assembly agenda and annual reviews are being distributed to the attendees. After you formally open the assembly, evaluation the previous assembly’s minutes and vote to simply accept them or amend them. Once any new enterprise is taken care of, evaluate the stories from the president, secretary, and treasurer and motion to simply accept them. If there are any elections, make certain to announce them and take care of them at this level. However, certain occasions may require shareholders to come back collectively on quick notice to deal with an urgent matter, typically regarding company administration.

If you go in circles, repeat things, revisit old issues in every meeting then your meetings are not efficient. In the book “How to make meetings work.” The author estimates that organizations spend 7-15% of their salary budgets on meetings. The quorum for Board Meeting should be at least two directors or one-third of total strength of the Board of Directors, whichever is more subject to a minimum of two directors. While there are more reasons to host meetings than just these three, we’ve focused on these as they encompass the most important reasons.