Since both ADP and Paychex are so similar, it’s hard to say for sure which one is better than the other. However, one might be better for your business than the other depending on which features you need, which user interface you prefer and how much you can afford to spend on payroll. For state unemployment insurance (SUI), ADP will manage this for you—provided you sign up for at least its Enhanced plan. Aside from managing SUI claims, ADP will review and audit your account to ensure no erroneous charges. It will even handle all correspondence from the states where you pay unemployment insurance.

You can also add on as many available integrations as you want to help ADP Run integrate smoothly with your other payroll and HR platforms and products. Payroll integration connector allows you to seamlessly transfer your benefits data to ADP Run from your benefits provider if you already run benefits through a different provider. You can also integrate your accounting software, ERP system, time and attendance platform, recruiting and onboarding systems, learning management systems and productivity and collaboration systems into ADP Run.

ADP’s SmartCompliance is a set of add-on features that combines services and technology to help you stay compliant with changes to healthcare and payroll tax requirements as well as wage garnishment orders. Compliance support can include business tax credits, wage payments, payroll taxes, health insurance, wage garnishments, contractor management, unemployment claims and employment verification. ADP Run and Gusto are both prominent players in the payroll and HR management space, each offering unique features tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses. Gusto is also targeted towards small businesses as a simplified payroll system.

  1. However, unlike ADP, Paycor doesn’t provide benefits options through its own brokerage.
  2. Global payroll for employees starts at $3 per payee per month if you pay them with your existing payroll software or $12 per payee per month through Papaya Global.
  3. Small businesses can choose from a plan that will give them the customized features they need to meet their payroll needs and beyond.

If you need a global payroll service, not an international HRIS or HCM solution, Papaya Global is an affordable ADP alternative. The most advanced ADP RUN plan, HR Pro, also includes access to a learning management system and a sexual harassment training adp run reviews course. To run payroll with Roll, business owners type a chat command like “run payroll,” and the app takes care of the rest. The process is simple and straightforward, but it may be confusing for business owners who are new to AI chatbot functionality.

First, there’s ADP Comprehensive Services, where dedicated payroll and HR experts provide guidance on recruiting new employees, managing benefits packages and filing payroll taxes. Second, the ADP TotalSource provides full HR service for companies that want to outsource those functionalities entirely. In terms of user feedback, those who left positive ADP Run reviews like its ease of use and how its payroll tools help them save time and simplify processes. Several others appreciate its integration options and HR tools that make onboarding new hires and managing staff information easy for both employees and employers. ADP RUN is a quote-based product that’s designed for businesses with a maximum of 49 employees. Each service plan for ADP RUN — Essential, Enhanced, Complete and HR Pro — features increasing pricing.

No matter what payroll provider you choose, it’s important to compare all options to make the best and most confident decision for your business. ADP, a giant in the payroll processing industry, offers payroll products to fit businesses of all sizes. ADP RUN is geared for small businesses with one to 49 employees, but can also be used by businesses with 50 or more employees. Interested customers should contact ADP directly to request a quote and schedule a free trial, which can run as long as three to four months. Plus, some of RUN’s payroll services are only available as add-ons that cost an extra fee, including time and attendance.

RUN offers an impressive list of key payroll features, even at the lowest-tier Essential plan. You can run payroll from your office computer or a mobile device and pay your employees by check, direct deposit or through ADP’s direct debit card. RUN offers expanded tax filing services that include responding to inquiries from taxing agencies on your company’s behalf.

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Finally, it can enroll employees in its program that offers discounts for everything from gym memberships to vacations. We’re selecting Gusto because we’re a proponent of transparent pricing that allows you to compare the cost of products and services. Also, unlike ADP, Gusto doesn’t limit your accessibility based on the size of your business. With ADP, you have to change to the Workforce Now product once your business exceeds 49 employees. While Workforce Now does come with many of the same features as RUN, having to change services can be a headache.

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It also includes state unemployment insurance tax administration and wage garnishment. You can pay U.S.-based employees automatically through direct deposit or have payroll checks delivered to your business ahead of each payday. With decades of experience, ADP is a well-established, leading company known for its commitment to delivering reliable services to businesses of all sizes. The company’s extensive client base and industry recognition underscore its standing as a reputable player in the payroll domain. ADP’s longevity and track record contribute to the trustworthiness that businesses place in their services.

You can post jobs straight from the ADP dashboard and track applicants as they go through the hiring pipeline. In addition, ADP has background checks, state new hire reporting, new hire onboarding, and salary benchmark tools. Read our guide to the best payroll services for small businesses to find a service or software that’s right for your business. ADP RUN users gave a rating of 5 stars around 80% of the time according to G2 Crowd. Users commented on the variety of services provided, ease of use and good customer service.

Additional cost for many features

Gusto’s small-business payroll solution is a solid ADP alternative, especially for companies considering ADP RUN. In this criterion, we assess whether the software’s ease of use, pricing, and the width and depth of its payroll and HR tools are ideal for SMBs. ADP Run earned perfect marks in this criterion with its solid reporting tools and wide variety of built-in reports. If you run ADP reports, you can download these as CSV files and even generate multiple reports at a time (although, it can also run single reports). Check signing services are also available in ADP Run’s higher tiers, where either the signature of your company’s authorized representative will be used or that of an ADP officer—provided you’re using ADP’s TotalPay feature. Plus, you’re assured that the checks ADP uses are highly secure as they come with 10 advanced fraud protection features.

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One of the nice things about the setup process is that you can partially complete the process and when you’re ready to continue, just click on the Complete tab, where the New Hire Wizard opens to where you left off. Rippling is currently offering a one-month free subscription for TechRepublic readers. To get the best possible experience please use the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge to view this website.

Gusto: Best ADP alternative for small businesses

You’ll also get marketing and consulting services included, such as Google Ads setup and management, marketing tools with live advice and legal assistance. Payroll service and software should be simple to set up, customizable, and have a user-friendly interface. We also looked at whether the provider offers live support and integration options with online tools that most small and medium businesses (SMBs) use, such as accounting, time tracking, and scheduling software. Although Paychex Flex starts out at the cheaper end of the payroll software spectrum, its monthly price can escalate quickly depending on how many add-ons you need. Like ADP, Paychex Flex charges an additional fee for time and attendance tracking and benefits integration.

From your payroll dashboard, it’s easy to run payroll, view upcoming deadlines, access alerts and see a quick overview of your company’s payroll history. If you prefer an out-of-the-box solution you can have up and running today, ADP isn’t for you. A more modern platform such as Gusto is a better fit for scrappy and fast-moving companies such as startups and online businesses. Benefits administration, retirement, health insurance and workers’ compensation features are available as add-ons. We believe everyone should be able to make financial decisions with confidence.

For a small business with 25 employees, we were quoted per-employee fees of $2.50 per weekly pay run plus a $49 base fee. For the most part, ADP doesn’t list pricing for any of its plans or products online. Gusto is an online payroll and HR administration platform designed with dynamic startups in mind. It facilitates payroll for both employees and contractors under a single plan, plus employee benefits including health, retirement and custom benefits such as wellness programs. The platform also includes automated charitable donations (as an option) and a wallet that helps employees access their money when they need it.